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5 Best IELTS Preparation Books for International Students

5 Best IELTS Preparation Books for International Students

There must be hundreds of IELTS preparation books out there from various authors and tutors to help students prepare ahead of their Canada tertiary admission. How then do you decide which few should be considered as the most qualified to earn you your desired IELTS score? We’ve prepared a list of the 5 best IELTS preparation books for international students looking to study in Canada with hints on how to make the most appropriate choice before making a purchase. Let’s get started!

1. Barron’s IELTS Superpack

Have you ever wondered what a complete study package IELTS preparation book would look like? This Barron’s Superpack edition offers students preparing for the language test a one-stop preparation text that covers all Barron’s materials in one masterpiece. Indeed this edition is truly the “Superpack” for international students looking to ace their IELTS to study in Canada. Here’s a comprehensive review of the four-book package;

• The Barron’s IELTS: With the Superpack, candidates get the complete four academic module exams of the popular Barron’s IELTS exam series. This section of the text comes with an additional two training module practice exams to aid in practicing possible IELTS questions. As a plus, students get online audio tracks and detailed subject review to support studying for IELTS

• IELTS Practice Tests With Audio CD: It gets better with the six-module practice exams with comprehensive answer explanations to each module. Studying for IELTS has never been made so easy with the unrestricted access to study materials online as well as on audio CD with this section

• IELTS Study Tips & Strategies With Audio CD: IELTS candidates get multiple tips and strategies from academic professionals on ways to infiltrate the exam gridlock. These expert strategies provide students with modified tricks and methods to answer IELTS questions effortlessly. For learners that love to listen to their study materials, there’s access to an audio CD.

• Vocabulary Build for the IELTS: Students can get a head start by familiarizing themselves with the 600 frequent words likely to come up in their IELTS vocabularies. The Barron’s IELTS Superpack also comes with an accessible audio CD section specifically meant for vocabulary and word building.

2. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

Students preparing to study in Canada would find the Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS extremely helpful for their IELTS exam preparation. There’s an interesting edge with this IELTS preparation study material because it offers both general and academic training. For short, this guide offers highly motivational tips and stories of past test takers to keep IELTS candidates mentally prepared for their exams. It’s a navigational manual beneficial to students with zero clue on how to prepare for IELTS.

For a while now, the Official Cambridge Guide for IELTS is known to provide students with vital information and detailed explanations on the path to achieving high scores in IELTS. Preparations for IELTS exams to Canada’s tertiary institutions become progressively interesting with the 8-practice tests and comprehensive guide for every section this preparation book offers. The highlights of this study materials are the audio and video aids it offers to students preparing for IELTS in Canada.

3. Cambridge IELTS 14 Academic Students’ Guide

Now, there’s a voluminous Cambridge IELTS Academic Series that IELTS applicants have often found quite stressful to study at a go. However, the Cambridge IELTS Academic Students’ Guide With Practice Tests is a part of this series with an emphasis on explanatory answers and audio CDs for a more comprehensive study. This IELTS preparation book from the series contains 4-authentic exam practices from Cambridge Assessment English.

Students looking for a preparatory guide with questions and explanatory answers structured in the manner of the potential IELTS exam questions should go for this guide. Studying with this guide to get into a Canadian tertiary institution with IELTS is synonymous with practicing possible questions from the examination board. The overall scoring system in this guide helps the student to understand the percentage allocated to each section. Of course, there’s access to downloading audio study materials.

4. Official IELTS Practice Materials

Some students have a thing for studying preparatory guides of international examinations made by the examination board. If you fall into such a category, then grab your copy of one of the Official IELTS Practice materials to ace your IELTS exams. Written and compiled by official IELTS partners is a preparation book and study guide that explains to candidates the assessment methods of each section of the IELTS exam. Students also get valuable study tips that’d help to prepare for the test adequately.

This IELTS preparation book offers more than practice test questions and answers like the majority out there. Studying one of the Official IELTS Practice Materials increases every candidate’s chance of passing the exams at one trial. These materials offer students typical examiner’s feedback, tapescripts, multiple sections for academic practice tests, and answer sheets using the exam questioning format. Students, as well as tutors helping scholars to prepare for IELTS in Canada, can use this study guide.

5. Road to IELTS

Definitely more than your everyday IELTS preparation books; Road to IELTS is a journey-like interactive online course designed to provide students with relevant information to succeed in their IELTS exams. The course is an intensive compilation of tutorial videos, mock papers for adequate preparation, and multiple interactive exercises associated with each section of the exam. You can get access to your Road to IELTS course in any of these three versions:

• The free download version of IELTS Practice Papers to get a preview of the courses available

• Last Minute: Candidates that registered for their IELTS exams to a Canadian tertiary institution from the British Council get free complimentary access to the Road to IELTS interactive course. The benefits include 100 interactive activities, nine advisory videos and tutorials, and two practice tests.

• The Full Version: Here’s a one-stop purchase of everything any candidate would ever need to prepare for the IELTS. For a fair investment of $50, students looking to study in Canada can get a one-time purchase of a complete online course with 9 practice tests and over 300 academic activities relating to their IELTS exams. It also offers additional benefits of access to tutorials from experts and real-time evaluation of your performance after every practice test.

Hints on Choosing the Best IELTS Preparation Book

Why Do You Need an IELTS Preparation Book?

Every year, students get confused while selecting the best IELTS preparation book that suits their study style or preparation timeframe. Before making a random choice like you most likely have in mind, take out time to determine what exactly you need a preparation book for. Some books offer the best practice test questions, others give more comprehensive and explanatory solutions to questions, while some might just be a guide on how to get started with the studying process. Why do you need one?

It’s Okay to Have Several Preparatory Texts

Eliminate the thoughts of having one IELTS preparation book that provides all you need. Others might have one text that works for them but remain optimistic till you get one that suits your study style. For example, Academic IELTS Books offer more information on the exam than they sometimes do on intensive academic training and practice tests. If you can, combine two or three complementary preparation books to get the information needed to ace your IELTS exams to study in Canada.

Avoid Boring or Less Interesting Books

Preparing for IELTS is a cumbersome process with four skills to prepare for, so it’d be in your best interest to avoid boring texts. Books that keep repeating steps without offering alternatives to their applications often get the majority of students bored. Alternatively, IELTS preparation books with multiple approaches allow readers to choose their preferred applications for every quest. You really should not fall asleep repeatedly while studying for your IELTS exam from reading a boring book.

Get Recommendations From an Experienced IELTS Tutor

While students are quick to get the exact copy from a friend’s IELTS library, you need to be sure you’re not making a huge mistake. That individual might have other texts to support the one you find so enticing to get or purchase. You should get IELTS preparation book recommendations from your tutor since they know the best product and course to help build on your weaknesses. Tutors also help to provide better assessments especially on the writing and speaking skills of their IELTS candidates.

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