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The first thing every immigrant never misses about Canada is its policies, tourist attraction and excellent education system. However, the country has more to offer in terms of excellent health care, which is free for permitted residents and affordable for visitors. So, even if you are visiting a new country for the first time, Canada makes sure the experience is worth it with the healthcare providers that take care of the primary needs of many people. It is no wonder that the percentage of people coming for post-secondary studies is at a rate of 8%, which has recently given birth to over 80,000 jobs.

If you plan to come to study in Canada, there are some things you need to possess, of which health insurance is one of the important ones. If the school you are applying to doesn’t request for health insurance plan, you still have to have a health coverage plan as it could be asked for any time.

If you are an international student and wonder which province offers insurance health coverage, then look through the following provinces. But note that every province offers health coverage based on preference, and it is not enforced. The list of provinces with coverage are:

-British Columbia


-Newfoundland and Labrador



-Northwest Territories

Top reasons why student insurance is essential in Canada


  1. For safety

Being an international student doesn’t mean you are the government’s responsibility in case of any casualty. If you want to be on the safe side, you should get insurance and expect less from the government because they rarely sponsor international students’ healthcare.

  1. Covers the significant expense

With insurance that covers your health bills, you will need not pay the equivalent amount for health care as insurance will cover a major part. Plus, the insurance also covers insured property which means you won’t have to pay for the damage.

  1. For discounts

If you have your student health insurance or any form of insurance, you will benefit from discounts on that insurance package. It becomes interesting to note that you will have to pay a discounted amount for every regular medical checkup because of the insurance coverage you have.


Types of student insurance available

  • International student health insurance:

This type of insurance is for students looking to study outside of their country. If they need to move out, they need health insurance strictly for international students. This insurance will cover mental health, sports injuries, emergency health care and other related health issues.

  • International travel medical insurance

This type of insurance has a validity period which is about two years. Interestingly, if you have this plan as an international student, you can use it to supplement until you get your student plan. Plus, because it has a broader scope, it is more valid for students sometimes than the student insurance. Some of the insurance coverage that this insurance provides

– more coverage at a reasonable price

– Has a worldwide coverage

– Covers for family and other relatives

– Covers for travel issues such as documentation or luggage misplacement.

– Travel assistance is assured

  • International major medical insurance

This is a different insurance plan that can be renewed yearly, unlike other methods. It is also available for anybody whether you are staying for a year or would like to extend it to more than a year. Some of the features of the plan include:

a) Long-term coverage

b) Childbirth coverage

c) Coverage for injuries and other pre-existing situations

d) All coverage is flexible

e) Amount for policy are high


How to apply for student health insurance in Canada?

Not all provinces in Canada provide healthcare services to students. Students have to go the extra mile to source facilities that can provide the insurance they need for those places. Yet, some provinces offer the necessary insurance students need and might differ from province to province. All that is required of the students, in any case, is to check for the student insurance services online and fill the necessary forms, pay the amount included and submitted. But if the province doesn’t have such flexibility, the student insurance required to stay in the school will be gotten from a private firm even before they make plans to travel to Canada.