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Before we dig into the best colleges for the GTA students from international borders, one must understand what GTA means on global platforms. GTA or Graduate Teaching Assistant is a payroll appointment that allows international students to qualify for the University’s 75% contribution to the insurance premium if your position lasts a minimum of eight consecutive workweeks. If you’re looking forward to becoming a graduate teaching assistant, you must be a bachelor’s in any degree and then enroll in a GTA program from the reputed Canadian University. During your enrollment into a GTA program, you must ensure to be pursuing a master’s degree or a doctorate program as it is the basic eligibility of any GTA program enrollment process.

Considering the heavy student rush in Canada from international borders, the following is the list of colleges in Canada that will help you choose the right GTA program in the country to pursue your dreams in the international land.

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St. Laurence Alpha College, Scarborough

St. Laurence Alpha, located in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, offers students some of the most exemplary GTA programs across international borders. The college encourages students to take postgraduate certificate programs in supply chain management, business administration and advanced human resources, project management, health care management, international business management, computer system technician, and Project and Tourism. The duration of each of the course programs is 1-2 years. If you’re a resident and wish to pursue a course here, you may apply directly by visiting the college, but a five-step format is followed to apply to the desired practices for the international students. 

  1. Choose the course you want to enroll in
  2. Submit your applications
  3. Recieve your letter of acceptance
  4. Apply for your VISA 
  5. Complete the registration process

Cambrian Hanson

The Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology merged with Hanson Canada in 2005, intending to deliver a selection of courses at the Cambrian College to the international students. Located in the heart of Toronto and Brampton, the college opens doors for its students in various areas of master’s certification programs. 

Top Courses and Programs Listed for International Students

Business, Organization business management, tourism, business, Organization management, hospitality-hotel & restaurant are some of the prime courses offered to the international students for 1-2 years, depending upon personal choice and eligibility criteria. You may pursue studies as per your interests in specific subject areas. 

Apply online and check for the admission dates on the official websites to keep your things sorted and avoid any later hassle.

Niagra College

Suppose you’re all for experiential learning that sharpens your leadership qualities in applied arts and technology. In that case, Niagra College is the right place to explore your potential beyond your capabilities—located in the heart of the world’s famous tourist spots, the Niagra Falls, Toronto, Canada. 

Several state-of-art infrastructures offer GTA courses in International Business Management, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Resources Management, and Business-General. Admission eligibility depends on the qualification evaluation at the graduate and postgraduate levels. The applicants may always consult the trained and friendly associates for a thorough walkthrough and make entry to the programs easy. 

Georgian @ILAC

Georgian @ILAC is a publicly funded college located in Barrie, Ontario, Toronto, under a licensing agreement with Georgian. The college aims at offering world-class postgraduate work permit programs in Canada. 

The top courses offered here include:

  • Business,
  • Global Business Management,
  • Business Management,
  • Human Resources Management,
  • Project Management, and
  • Marketing Management

The classes are designed to meet the employment needs once students pass with flying colors. The 1 year and 2-year courses are significant for international students as they move towards a fruitful beginning in a foreign land.

Canadore College

The Canadore College, with branches in Brampton, Mississauga, and Scarborough, offers a plethora of Graduate and postgraduate programs for international students to get them started for a highly competitive academic year during the spring and fall of 2022. The specialized and industry-relevant training is the main focus of the curriculum here. Its facility of micro-credentials courses has been a privilege for many students as it opens a massive gateway for them to hone their skills and opt for target and skill-based courses at the college. 

The top courses that students make take up at the Canadore College:

  •   Business 
  •   Business Management  
  •   Computer System-Networking Technician
  •   Early Childhood Education
  •   Health Care Administration
  •   Human Resources Management
  •   Logistics and Supply Chain Management 
  •   Mobile Application Development
  •   Project Management

Each of the courses mentioned above would last between 1-2 years. The college facility allows local and international students to connect with the administrative staff and apply for the respective courses as per eligibility. 

Algonquin College

Offering 300+ programs located in Mississauga, Toronto, the Algonquin College has been one of the best choices for students to opt for their advanced studies and gain the GTA tag for lucrative career options. Amongst several courses, the ones that top the charts include:

  • Business Management Entrepreneurship
  • International Business Management
  • Computer Programing

The duration of these courses is of 1-2 years. The college aims at delivering high-level skill-based programs to the students to help them prosper in whatever career they pursue. 

Fleming College

Fleming College makes it a different experience altogether for students from other countries. The world-class platform for applied arts and science makes it convenient for students to choose career paths that would make them compatible with competitive work prospects across Canada. The duration of the courses is about 1-2 years. Therefore, eligibility for the courses depends upon whether you’re applying as a mature student, an international student if you’re a high school applicant, or want to enroll in an advanced program. The assessment of each platform as mentioned above is done basis your prior educational background. 

International students can apply to the following courses and Diploma programs offered at the college:

  • Business
  • Global Business Management
  • Project Management 
  • Supply Chain Management 


Sault College

As Canada is known for its quality of life and education worldwide, it attracts international students to study in its top-class Universities and colleges every year. Not just the faculty is world-renowned that caters to students from across the globe but enables them to attain top grades in courses they take admissions. Sault College in Brampton, Toronto, is one such college that is known for its peaceful and serene surroundings and exemplary student results. If you’re seeking admission at the Sault College in Canada, check your eligibility criteria and, without wasting any single second moments fill out the admission form in some of the best courses like    

  • Computer Programing  
  • Early Childhood Education  
  • Business  
  • Personal and Developmental Support Services  
  • Cybersecurity

The duration of these courses is from 1-2 years depending on the choice of subject students opt for. The associates at the college will clarify how to go about the admission process.

Conestoga College

The Conestoga College, spread over three prime locations in Canada, the Kitchener Downtown, Doon, and the Waterloo, is great for pursuing higher education in GTA courses/programs for international students. The college offers its visitors from foreign lands a plethora of advanced classes and programs, which they can take up to have a comfortable life in Canada. Admission slots and eligibility criteria for admission to these courses are mentioned on the college’s official website. The duration of the studies is 1-2 years, and students are likely to enroll in multiple programs after finishing the current academic year. One needs to keep track of the latest information about college admission through a website. 

Listed below are the best courses one can think of taking admission into Conestoga College and applying for the entries at the earliest for a smooth and hassle-free immigration process. 

  • Business-international business
  • Strategic marketing communication
  • Strategic Global Business management 
  • Global Business Management
  • Process Quality Engineering  
  • Enhanced practice for internationally educated nurse  
  • Police Foundations
  • Advanced police studies 
  • Food and beverage management
  • Medical office practices
  • Computer Programing
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