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There is always an unexplainable excitement people privileged to study in Canada usually show when they get the opportunity. It is no wonder many international students long to be among the selected few to enjoy the benefits Canadian education provides. Plus, students enjoy other added advantages while studying, which give them the flexibility to do more through the years of study. They can learn and earn together while they gain additional skills that open doors to good pay after graduation. These and many more are why many want to enjoy the magic touch of Canadian classrooms.

If you are eager to know about Canadian universities and their culture, keep reading.

First, before we dive into the nitty-gritty of the education system of Canadian schools and some significant factors, note some key areas. It is important to keep some specific things in mind, such as the type of clothing you should wear, the timing of every class, the location of every classroom, facilities and accommodation. When you know these, you can then understand the following about Canadian universities.

Teacher and student relationship

The first thing to note about teachers and students is that formality is not associated with titles. This means students are permitted to address their professors by their first name. This doesn’t mean the student is rude, but it is just a cultural ethnic you should know regardless of where you are coming from.
Also, if a student has difficulty in a specific course, there is an open relationship between the student and the teacher that allows for proper academic guidance. In fact, the students can gain the necessary knowledge to ace any course with the breakdown given to them on how best to tackle each course. So, being a student means you can communicate your doubts to teachers at allotted them and gain the insights needed to move on.

Class engagement and assessments

In Canadian universities, student engagement is a critical aspect that is often emphasized as it forms the bedrock of sound educational systems. Students are made to work in groups either for experiment purposes or for projects. Even with group participation in place, introverts are considered to accommodate them and help them participate. All the different activities ad group work put in place ensure students participate and strive to be better versions of themselves.
Also, assessment is not done once but throughout the class year. Instead of just the regular exams, which are never sidelined, other grading processes like tests, quizzes, mid-term exams, extra-curricular activities are also included. This grading system is adopted so that students can grasp every concept of the class so that exams are not the only time they have to be accessed.

Student Accommodation

In Canadian universities, you get the option of either living within the campus premises or going outside of the campus. If you are an Indian student in Canada and you intend to stay with friends within the school perimeter, there is no problem as you can do so seamlessly. You can also stay by yourself outside the campus and enjoy the many facilities the school dorm doesn’t have.


Earn and Learn

Many people are excited about schooling in Canadian universities because of the flexibility to work and learn. This opportunity promotes more and more independent students who can fend for themselves when they are out of school. There is a unique support student gets for those working to help them submit all assignments in due time and sometimes when an extension is needed. Also, when they become exposed to working from their school days, they begin to adapt to the work world. They could also earn their tuition fee back once they are able to work within the stipulated 20 hours of work in a week. Once the student has a permit to work as they study, they can earn as much as they can legally earn.


Commute to Campus

The cheapest form of commutation is through a bus at a Canadian University. If you want to spend your little cash, then you have the option of other cab services or Uber. But if you’re going to save little money, it will be best you go for public transport by getting your daily ticket or pass to take you through that mode of commute.

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