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Some information about International Students in Canada

One thing most students do not know about studying abroad is that bills can become overwhelming, which can cause a dip in your funds. There are high tuition fees to settle, accommodation fees, and so many other unplanned bills. The way out is to work during leisure hours as a part-time staff. This part-time work can help students pay their bills and give them a higher advantage when applying for PR. With a Canadian visa, international students can work as much as 20 hours a week, which could be lesser if their course is demanding. Keep reading if you are and international student looking for information on part time jobs.

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What are the work rules for international students?

As an international student, there are several regulations you need to check out before you can secure a part-time job.

If you are working part-time on campus, these are the following regulations. You will need a study permit that allows you to work, but if it is not flexible, then you can still get a license to work when:

  • You have enrolled in a program that will be completed after at least six months and be awarded a certificate, diploma, or degree.
  • You have a Social Insurance Number(SIN)
  • You have enrolled in a program right after professional, secondary school, or vocational training.

However, if you are in any of these categories, you won’t be allowed to work on campus:

  • Have an expired study permit
  • You are not on a full-time study program
  • Your leave from studies is authorized
  • You are not currently studying because you are getting a transfer.

Working Part-Time Off-Campus

If you want to work outside campus, you will only get that opportunity if:

  • You have been enrolled into a program that would be completed with a degree or certificate after at least six months.
  • You are studying on a designated learning institution
  • You have a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • You are looking for a post-secondary, vocational, or professional training program.
  • You are doing a part-time study in your final semester.

What kind of part-time jobs are available?

There are so many part-time jobs you can take on either within campus or off-campus. Some of them have been listed below.


You will be responsible for recording sales, transactions, banking activities, and many other similar book and financial reports. Skills such as organizational, mathematical, and time management are required for this role.

Customer Service Assistant

As a customer service assistant, you will take calls, give out information about a product, and promptly solve customers’ issues. Knowing how to communicate well and empathize with people will be excellent skills to have.

Sales Assistant

You will be among other sales teams as a sales assistant and be assisting in making sure sales scale up. Also, all the sales need to go through you to get their goods delivered in time. You need to have communication skills, product knowledge and also be learned with computers.

Programme Facilitator 

If you already have management skills, it will come in handy as a program facilitator as you will need to execute projects and training. You also need to submit to the program manager as the role reporting to the manager.


If you have cooking skills, working as a cook is an opportunity to show it and make extra cash. Your role is to know what needs to be cooked and follow the standard safety procedures.

Uber Driver

As an international student who loves driving, you can apply to be an uber driver. If you meet the requirement, you will get the job and start working as an uber driver.

Dog Walker

Most people don’t have time for walking their dogs, which is where you come in to help and make money. You will allow the pet to sit, walk, take the pet to the hospital, and give them food and water.


This is one of the most common part-time jobs in Canada. If you enjoy being around children, you can turn that love into a job and make money. You need to know what the children need, help them with laundry, take them to school and back, and do other specific activities the parent wants.


Average Salary range

Most international students work many hours in a week and are paid for every hour worked. On average, the amount done per hour is about $10. You could get more or less depending on the arrangement of the employer. If it is okay for you, you can decide to take it or not.


How to apply

When you have decided to apply for a part-time job in Canada, make sure you do a little checking again to see if you have all that is needed to be accepted. Having a social insurance number will give you access to more programs beyond the work you plan to apply for, which is good. Also, check for your resume and update it. Once it is updated, begin to prepare yourself for interviews in line with the role you have in mind.

Sample resume for a part-time job

If you want to build a resume for your part-time job, be intentional about checking for the job you want and what they need from their employees.

For On-campus jobs: Check to see the posting of such employment on the school notice boards and the school official website. You can even make friends with people in a club or committee or join them to get first-hand information about different job openings.

For off-campus jobs : You will need to network with people in the industry you want to enter. This is important because you won’t have access to the company until you know some people in it to feed you updated information.

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