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Have you been thinking of the best place to study once you are done with your 12th board exam?

Then this is the guide you need to read if Canada is your choice of location. 

Why Study in Canada?

You will want to choose Canadian universities because it is one of the top countries with quality education. Plus, the number of work opportunities you have are numerous, and you can proceed to further your studies in different careers.

Also, Canada has a flexible visa and immigration service international students can benefit from once they study. Canadian tuition fee is quite affordable, so you won’t have to worry about expensive fees. This means you will be saving extra cash when you choose to study in Canada as opposed to UK or USA, and you will still get the quality education you signed up for.

Suppose you want to stay back after graduation; there is an option for you through the Postgraduate work permit. With the permit, you will stay for about three years and work to earn enough to get stable.

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Other benefits of studying in Canada include:

  • Security for international students
  • Vast study option
  • Opportunities to work after studies
  • Diverse and multicultural society
  • Beautiful environment with great views


Undergraduate Degree

Once you are done with your 12th board exam, the next educational option to pursue is a bachelor’s degree. If you have the essential requirement of your 12th board certificate, you can enroll at a Canadian university for a bachelor’s program. The number of subjects available for studies is in its hundreds, and they have lots of honour programs to choose from. The minimum number of years is three, and the maximum is five years for any Canadian studies.

When you have a bachelor’s degree, you can either do a Master’s to give you better job opportunities or work with the current degree. Canada allows you to stay back to work till three years after your program, that is, if you don’t use the maximum years.

Below are the minimum requirements to gain entry to earn a bachelor’s degree.

  • A minimum of 65% grade score CICSE secondary school certificate/ CBSE/Indian state boards
  • Minimum of 6.5 IELTS or 6.0 of an equivalent score
  • Statement of purpose
  • Experience letter
  • Letter of recommendation

Once you have these basic requirements, you can apply for your chosen field of study.

Where to study

If you don’t yet know which university you want to go to, look through the following best universities to have your pick.

1. University of Guelph

2. University of Victoria

3. University of Waterloo

4. University of Manitoba

5. Dalhousie University

What to study

Below is a list of the best undergraduates courses to take if they are unsure of what to do.

1. Computer Science
The world is full of technology which means one career path to pursue that will grant you relevance in the world of employment is computer science. There are many benefits, such as industrial innovations and up-to-date teaching styles, that Canadian students studying computer science will enjoy. Some of Canada’s schools that offer these and more are the University of Guelph and Dalhousie University.

2. Engineering
This is also one of the courses that are high in demand and would be an excellent opportunity to be well equipped once studied. In fact, the engineering programs you will undergo come with an internship which is a great avenue to learn more in your field even before graduation. You will enjoy engineering courses at either the University of Victoria or Waterloo.

3. Finance
Lovers of maths will love finance courses to help them build on what they enjoy doing. Plus, if you like the idea of investment and want to know how it works, this is what you need to study. Through some of the best finance universities: Thompson rivers University and the University of Waterloo, you will get the finance exposure you need.

4. Business / Management
You will be treading one of the most popular paths in university records when you choose to study business and management. Getting a degree in this field in the top business and management universities, New York Institute of technology or Cape Breton University, will help you secure your future.

5. Nursing
Having a degree in Nursing offers two significant benefits – one is for you, and the other is for the public. If you have the degree, you will be sought after, and you will be doing the community well by providing health care. Going to the either University of Victoria or the University of Regina will be a top choice for you to make as both schools are the best colleges for nursing.

Vocational programs

Suppose you don’t want to go through a bachelor’s degree program but still want to study in Canada; how about a Vocational program?

Involving in a vocational program is a significant plus for you as it has various training programs you can choose from that takes about two years to learn. You can sign up for programs in technology, construction, mechanics and other fields. Some of the best institutions in Canada with this vocational program option are Fanshawe, Centennial and Humber Colleges. With the certificate earned from the vocational college, you will also get opportunities for work in Canada.

Pathway Programs

If you want to follow the pathway program to enter a Canadian university, you can, as the courses offered once passed will give you access. It would help if you studied to earn either English or French language qualification for a minimum of 6 months.

  • The two pathway program options available are:
    Independent language courses: If you choose a language course and pass it as you will do with an IELTS, then you can be able to apply for admission to any Canadian university.
  • Seamless pathway programs: with this type of program, all you need is to pass the language course attached to an institution; then, you gain automatic entry into your selected university.


The standard requirement is similar to a minimum score like IELTS, but this will be in a language test. Then a secondary school certificate will also be included. Here you go- all you need to do to move up your studies after the 12th.

Hopefully, you will use this information to make the right choice for a Canadian university.

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