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Many international students look up to Canada as a top choice nation to further their studies as the educational system is excellent. However, the drawback of many is the high tuition fee that seems to be a determining factor. If you have always wanted to school to Canada and you are searching for schools that pay low tuition fees, you are at the right place. Listed below are affordable schools that still provide quality education to all students.

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Canadore College

This is one of the schools in Ontario with a great learning environment focusing on producing successful students. With more than 80 courses being offered in the college, students have varieties of courses to choose from and compete with any other school. The exciting thing about being in Canadore is that you get to pay the tuition fee, which means you can save up for other expenses. Also, if you want to do sports, there are several sports such as soccer, volleyball, cricket and many more to choose from and be an athlete.

Every year, the college graduates about 1000 students of which the employment rates of those graduates is at 76%. If you want to get in, you can apply for the winter session in January, spring in May or Fall in September. Anyone you choose will still get you to this great institution existing since 1967.


Niagra College

The Niagra College is a unique college with a different payment system. Unlike many other colleges, tuition is paid hourly, which means if a student doesn’t pay for the hour, there will be no access to the classroom. The fee per hour is $420, which, when calculated, is still more affordable than most universities in Canada. At Niagra College, they also resume three times a year; in January, May and September. The school’s location is also one of the reasons for its affordability. The community is low-cost, making most students financially capable of staying outside campus.

Also, at Niagra college, you can choose from over 130 programs and get trained to be the best as excellent education is the watchword. In fact, if you perform exceptionally well, you can get awarded scholarships and other grants. Plus, with close to 4000 international students, you can be sure of seeing someone you can relate with from your country when you get admission.


St.Lawrence Alfa

The St. Lawrence Alfa college always sits on the list of excellent yet affordable universities because it has maintained that title for many years. Many international students have graduated from the college, and many more are going in because of the competence those graduates shows to support the school’s standard. With $15,700, you will be able to pay for the tuition of this college and enjoy the variety of 89 courses offered by the institution. The college also runs three sessions in the year, with the fall being in September, spring in May and winter in January. If you also want to be in Ontario but enjoy affordable studies, this is a great college to choose from.


Cambrian Hanson

Located in Northern Ontario, Cambrian Hanson is one of the colleges that is affordable and has a friendly large learning environment. The number of international students studying in this college currently is about 1600, with more people applying from more than 30 countries worldwide. Cambrian Hanson takes in students three times a year, and they are all either in January, May or September. With over 80 post-secondary courses to take on and more in your graduate program, students will have a lot to choose from to be equipped for the real world. The tuition fee varies from program to program but is usually between $11,000 to $20,000.


Georgian College

If you are looking for a reputable college where the value given is above the tuition fee, Georgian college is top on the list. This institution is known as a merit-based school, but it produces students representing such stature. The tuition fee ranges from $13,845 to $32,431, which is quite affordable compared to the value from such high ranking college. The school only receives students from English speaking countries which makes all students meet such requirements before being offered admission. So, if your country speaks English officially, you have a good chance of getting into Georgian and relating with the other 1500 international students there. The school has seven campuses in different regions in Canada, and you can decide which one you want to go to.


Conestoga College

If you want to study to earn an engineering degree, Conestoga college should be your first choice. With a tuition fee of $12,000 and sometimes $13,000 for a degree program, you will be able to mingle with the top future engineers in this world-class university. Once you get a degree from this institution, you will also be a certified member of the Canadian engineering accreditation board. There are also over 200 programs done in this institution which means if you don’t want to go for engineering, you can go for other great programs. Plus, you can decide which intake you wish to go for, January, May or September.



Many aspiring business, hospitality and management students go to Flair college of management and technology. This college is affordable, with $12,970 to $17,040 for the year. If you want to enjoy a great learning environment focused on students’ advancement, this is the school for you. The programs offered in FCMT range from culinary, business, technology, and you can get in at three times a year.



Here you go- the cheapest tuition fees with an excellent educational standard in Canada. Start applying to anyone you choose.

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