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Nourish your Minds and Bodies with Healthy Habits in Cold Weather Months

Nourish your Minds and Bodies with Healthy Habits in Cold Weather Months

Colder months have their set of challenges, and the first thing that is affected is our minds and bodies. We don’t want to work out that extra bit and often feel lazy and inactive. However, many things can soothe your mind, body, and soul during the harsh winter months. Follow vital areas that one can work upon to be in good shape-

  • Always stay hydrated to avoid dehydration that is common during the winter months. Water detoxifies impurities from the body and brings back active elements in your life. 
  • Keeping an indoor workout routine, which includes meditation and cardio exercises, will boost high energy levels and keep you focussed throughout. 
  • Include seasonal veggies in your diet to nourish an individual’s holistic health and always keep you hale and hearty. 

If you are an international student and are not habitual of handling harsh winter months in a specific country, the tips mentioned above would be critical to all the concerns related to keeping good health of minds and bodies. 

1. Reduce your Walks to Once a Day 

If you aren’t an avid walker, start becoming one as it would help you to keep fit at all times of the hour. But the winter months are usually chaotic to begin any workout. So, reducing your outdoor activities like walking to once a week can keep you afloat through the winter months. The benefits of walking are tremendous. Recent studies by researchers across the globe have emphasized it since it increases blood circulation and adds to building a solid metabolism. You don’t have to spend hours walking, but doing a brisk walk of about 15-20 minutes daily will do the drill. 

Although going for walks alone can be tedious, workouts become irregular with winters approaching. In that case, you may ask your friend to accompany you to keep it interesting. If you don’t believe in the company, try out different tracks to maintain your interest in it. Enjoy a good dose of Vitamin D from the rising sun and keep your skin healthy if you plan early morning. 

2. Pick up a Hobby Class – Great for Brain Storming!

Picking up a hobby is a must, irrespective of any season. Winter months call for a hobby class to avoid redundancy. Doing so will not just give one some goal to achieve when one can’t move out outdoors much, but will keep you busy throughout. Pursue your childhood passions and give your mental health a positive boost.

3. Volunteering for a Good Cause 

You might be thinking about how such a task can make a difference to your stagnant routine during the winter months. Well, proven studies show that volunteering to contribute to various community services during colder months or when you think it’ll give peace to your mind has seen a rise in unity amongst people. There are times when you want to find inner peace, and nothing works best for your mental well-being than to help a needy lot of your society. So, opt for volunteering services when your activities have come to a standstill during cold weather days.

You may consider the following points to make the most out of this activity-

  • Do your homework before enrolling for any volunteering service.
  • Figure out your areas of interest and which community services interest you more.
  • The community services are run through organisations, which allow volunteers to work for them for specific days or time period. Check out the relevant information from the websites and get yourself registered for it.
  • Apart from volunteering for just hospitals, senior home care facilities, animal shelters or working in art galleries will give you wider view and options to carry out things better.

4. Consult a Therapist for Seasonal Affective Disorder

In cold countries like Canada, people often suffer from winter depression and are likely to fall into Seasonal Affective Disorder syndrome. Therefore, it is a must to consult a therapist who can help you overcome it with effective treatment to keep your spirits high and make you feel elated. Winters are harsh in Canada, and disorders like depression can hit anyone anytime. Therefore, to avoid falling prey at the hands of such an ailment, taking up activities that boost your mood and keep you light at all times of the hour is suggested. The more you are indulged in productive activities of your interest, the better are the chances that you would stay hale and hearty no matter what.