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Do you know anyone who is seeking College/University admission in Canada? Are you the one who is being asked for advice about admissions all the time? If the answer to any of the questions is YES, you can get paid for referring students to us. It does not matter who you are; you can refer as many students as you want and earn a referral bonus of up to $700 per student.

Please note that we only offer referral bonuses if your friend use our online platform followed by applying to colleges/universities using our services . You will earn a maximum of $700 CAD per successful referral.

The total number of students who were referred by you will be calculated per intake, every year. If your referrals are successful in getting admission into colleges/university through us, then you will receive $700 CAD per student you have successfully referred to us, as referral bonus that will be credited to your account within 60 days from when we receive confirmation about your friend’s acceptance.

If a referral is not successful in being accepted at a University/College, then that particular referral won’t be counted for this program even if the person goes on to attend a college/university elsewhere.

What does ‘refers’ mean? Anyone can refer students to our services after being registered to onlineofferletter.com. Your referrals can be your friend(s) or family member(s).

The referral amount is not added to any of the fees paid by your friend applying through us. A successful registration for this program will fetch you with $700 CAD per student referred . This means that you cannot refer yourself to this program. You must refer at least one other person in order to participate in this program.

Can I refer more than 10 students to this program? You can refer as many students as you want; we will still pay up to $700 CAD per successful registration.

Earning money cannot be simpler than that…!!!

Referral Bonus up to $700 CAD

Contact Us Today For More Information Regarding Our Services

Contact Us Today For More Information Regarding Our Services