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PGWP or (Post-Graduation Work Permit) will no longer be applicable to graduate students of unsubsidized private colleges. Recently, the federal government issued a notice to the colleges involved in the unethical recruitment practices that their student graduates won’t be eligible to apply for the PGWP in Canada after completing their studies. Canada has been the hub of the International student crowd and attracts students to study and settle in the country from across the borders. The step by the government to put an end to the unethical ways of having students work in Canada is in the interest of the International student program in Quebec.

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The Federal government has passed new norms for students in Quebec starting from 1st September 2023. According to the sources and probe the Quebec’s Ministry of Higher Education did, several private colleges were found guilty of offering students PGWP despite not qualifying for it. Such mal-practices have given rise to an unstable education system in Quebec, putting the careers of many students at stake. Nevertheless, the good part lies in the fact that it would stop operations of the unsubsidized institutions running across the state of Quebec.

While we see Canada as a land of social, cultural, and economic benefits, safeguard the integrity of the international student programs for a lucrative future in the country. 

International Student Rush – Maximum in Canada over the Last few Years!

As Canada welcomes a huge student rush from across the globe to allow them to study and pursue a career in the country, numerous public and private colleges invite applications from them. Offering undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs in several fields, the colleges, and Universities ensure they offer students the right path to be successful individuals in foreign lands. 

Quebec, known for its excellent quality of education, affordable tuition fee, and living costs, is one of the most accessible and preferred destinations for students from across the globe. The state has some well-known Universities and colleges with shorter programs for students and the benefit of acquiring (PEQ) or the Quebec Experience Program, which is an added advantage to students pursuing graduate courses. However, with the increasing number of international students enrolling in various Universities every year, Quebec is one state that invites more than half of the total students to come to study in Canada.

Reasons for Abolishing PGWP for Students Studying in Quebec


  1. Students Enrolling in Unsubsidized Schools and Colleges

Yes, you heard it right. That’s the foremost reason why students will not enjoy the benefit of PGWP post their graduation. The schools or colleges at which they are enrolled aren’t recognized by the Canadian Education System. Studying at a public or private school or college in Quebec is mandatory to earn degrees, certificates, or diplomas. An unauthorized educational institute, by no chance under the provincial legislation, would have the authority to gain you the desired accolades in the field.

Usually, a PGWP won’t be issued to a student even after completing their course at the private or public institutes because the Federal Government doesn’t allow one to do that. 

2. The Students May Have Enrolled in Part-Time Courses 

The part-time study is available only during the last semester of the course. So, if you haven’t taken care of it during the time of your course tenure, chances are you might miss out on your PGWP application.

3. Gaps in Studies Do Not Gain Good Scores for the PGWP

Suppose you’re all set to have break-in studies (study gap) due to failure to pursue a course, having a University strike, switching schools or programs, or financial or personal reasons. In that case, the application of students will be rejected. Therefore, presenting accurate information to the IRCC mentioning the reason for the gap or break in studies is mandatory. 

4. Expired Study Permit 

To live in Canada, individuals enroll themselves as students or apply for direct entrants as working professionals. The former accounts for more than half of the population in Canada as students enroll themselves in various Universities t pursue courses and carve a career path. The problem arises when students don’t register in other classes and run out of visas or lose their study permits. That’s when the eligibility to earn a PGWP weakens. 

The not-so-renowned colleges and schools in Quebec attract students to gain innumerable benefits of leading life in Canada but fail to do so since they aren’t authorized institutions. Such students will not have to give up their accolades if the Canadian Education System does not recognize their University or college.

5. Applications of Students are Rejected if Your Restoration Period is More than 90 Days 

Specific rules in Canada lays a solid foundation to carry out international student programs seamlessly and hold a high global reputation. So, if you’re a student undergoing a restoration period of more than 90 days, consider your application under the rejection stage by the IRCC. 

6. Working For More Than 20 hours Under Following Conditions

Your application will be rejected if you’re an undergraduate pursuing a graduate or post-graduate program and working more than 20 hours a week.


What to do if your PGWP is Rejected?

Issues such as gaps in studies are commonly considered factors for the rejection of applicants applying for the PGWP. If your PGWP is rejected, you need to consult an immigration expert who will help you in putting forward your case in the right direction. Adhering to all the points mentioned above will not just give you a clean chit to pursue a life in Canada seamlessly but unfold immense opportunities on the land. 

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