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Are you a graduate of any Canadian university, and you are searching for workable skills in 2022? Well, this is what you need to read. If you want to gain hard skills that would be useful for getting great jobs in this new year, you have to be ready to learn and be dedicated. In this article, we have listed some of the skills useful in 2022 for graduates. Continue reading to know which ones are on the list.

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Technological Literacy

One of the skills you should have ready for use in 2022 is technology literacy. The world is evolving, and we can attribute the development to technology. The norm in many business environments is to be up to date with operating systems and be well vast in software. Any graduate who can show dexterity in these areas is bound to excel, making technological literacy a pivotal skill to learn.

The trend will soon be that those who can handle the technologies thrown at them will retain their positions, and those not already there will be sought after. More than being relevant in the work environment, having this skill keeps people more connected to their work which will, in turn, help them have a quality life. Being technologically literate is the way to go if you want to be among the few people who will retain valuable positions in 2022.

Data Science and Analytics

If you are wondering what use this skill will do to your career, note that it is a top skill that is high in demand now. Not everybody can understand what data can produce or how to interpret it. Having data science and analytics skills gives you an edge to help businesses gather data and relate it to their business growth. Anybody willing to learn this skill would need background knowledge in statistics, maths, and programming.

Being a data scientist is also advantageous to you if you own a business, as you can use your skills to minimize business risk. Plus, you also get to help prevent fraud and improve the experience of customers, which is a needed factor in business expansion. Also, you can monitor the goods sold and keep track of the right product getting to each customer.

Artificial Intelligence

The world of artificial intelligence(AI) is widespread and cuts across different spheres of technology advancement. You can apply AI to machine learning such that you will be part of the team of people that forecast demands in sectors like marketing, engineering, healthcare and many others. This AI is also interwoven with data science and analytics, which means you need both pieces of knowledge to change those areas.

Though this might look challenging to learn at first, it will be easy to move up to understanding many other technical skills once you begin learning. It would help if you started learning similar courses like maths and computer science right from undergraduate days before taking up the skills as you advance. In fact, once you have a foundation in sciences, you can continue with a postgraduate degree in those subjects related to undergraduate issues. Then, join competitions that will challenge you and give your potential employer a sense of interest that is in you.

Talent Acquisition

Different businesses in 2021 were sourcing for people with talent acquisition skills as it helped grow and maintain their workforce. This means that those with the skills will also be in high demand this year. Those with talent acquisition skills are usually called human resources professionals. They help bridge the gap between employers and the perfect candidate for a particular role. They also deal with data gathering of employees on how best the employers can serve them better. Companies want these professionals to help them get top candidates for their firms.

If you want to work in this talent acquisition area in 2022, you need to have already an undergraduate degree in business, human resources or finance. Also, if you are empathetic, understand business strategies, and have previous customer service experience, you can be considered for the role.

UX Design

The UX design skill, also known as user experience design, makes this list because it is also top in demand. This skill involves designing products that can be easy to use and also enjoyable. If you want to enjoy the benefits of UX designs better, it is good to learn these skills and other skills such as content creation, project management, and researching.

The first step to take if you want to go full time into UX is to have an undergraduate or postgraduate study in design, computer science or psychology. These courses will meet both the technological and human psychology aspects of the role of which both are needed. So, don’t just take courses on the technological function but also focus on how people think and relate. Note that this skill is focused on an external audience; therefore, the design must follow suit.

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