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Scholarships Available for International Students in Canada

Scholarships Available for International Students in Canada

No doubt, tertiary institutions in Canada offer international students more affordable higher education than most countries in the world. However, with the cost of tuition increasing every year, students could use a little help to have a more flexible spending budget on campuses. Thankfully, we have a few scholarships, fellowships, and other financial aid to help assist students. Let’s walk you through a few of them today!

Niagara College Toronto Campus CAD 2000 Scholarship

Foreign September 2021 onshore intakes into Niagara College and Toronto School of Management can enjoy the CAD 2000 scholarship. The scholarship offers incoming international students the chance to access Niagara’s world-class standards learning environment with financial aid from the school. Interestingly, this offer becomes active in less than a month which allows you to apply now.

Merit Scholarships

Aside from the Niagara College scholarship, foreign students in Canada can also take advantage of merit scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to scholars based on their educational success without considering the financial background of the awardees. Ideally, students that show exceptional achievements in arts, athletics, academics, and social work get recognized with merit scholarships.

College/University Scholarships

So far, the majority of colleges and universities in Canada have scholarships and other financial aid schemes in place for their scholars. Most of these scholarships are entrance-level based which makes all students eligible candidates for the award. Yes, your school has a budget for financial aid to students that merit their assistance. Surf through your school’s website for further information on their scholarship terms and availability.

Financial Scholarships

Many students know them to be bursaries; financial scholarships also offer assistance to foreign students. In Canada, a large percentage of the financial scholarships offered are made available to residents of Canada. However, there are also bursaries available to foreign students which may not be a thing in all schools. Again, checking with your school for the availability of financial scholarships would point you in the right direction.

Government-funded Scholarships

The Canadian government also contributes to extending financial aid to students across colleges and universities through their tertiary education. Students in both undergraduate and graduate levels can benefit greatly from government scholarships opened to their institutions. These scholarships often offer students a narrow timeline before awarding to the selected few. Contact us for updates on fellowships, scholarships, and other funding aids.

Country-based Scholarships

Most international students are quite familiar with country-based scholarships since they are funded to cater to the financial needs of scholars from developing countries and regions. Please note that not all international students are eligible for all country-based scholarships. Students need to find the few accredited to their countries or regions. In early 2021, Global Affairs Canada kick-start the launch of 650 short-term exchange scholarships for Latin American and Caribbean students.

Privately Funded Scholarships

Today, we have limitless private individuals, businesses, and corporations offering scholarships to university and college students in Canada. So far, we’ve noticed that the majority of privately funded scholarships are awarded to students offering specific majors or areas of study. It’s also quite difficult to keep track of them but you have a better chance of securing one when you check your faculty’s notice board for updates.

Graduate Scholarships

While the above-listed scholarships majorly target students offering undergraduate programs in various institutions across Canada, there are also a few scholarships for graduate levels. Let’s take a quick run through some of them:

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Speaking of the top-tier graduate scholarship in Canada; the Vanier Canada grant awards doctoral students $50,000 per annum for three years. For the right student, this scholarship could fund their masters or Ph.D. or doctoral degrees altogether. Many may not know this, but the government of Canada launched this graduate scholarship to help attract and retain world-class Ph.D. candidates.

This remains only one of Canada’s numerous lucrative ways of attaining the global leader status quo. In this case, the aim is to help improve and standardize the country’s research and tertiary education sectors. Sadly, there aren’t enough slots for the Vanier Canada Graduate scholarship as most international students would have preferred. The government only awards 167 grants to candidates that show exceptional academic, leadership, and research potentials.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships strictly targets foreign postgraduate scholars in natural or social sciences and health sciences. The sponsors award $70,000 per year for a two-year timeframe. 70 postgraduate students get to benefit from the fellowships each year which amounts to roughly140 active fellowships at a given time. To get more information about Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships, visit the Government of Canada website.

NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships

Foreign postgraduate students with majors in natural science or engineering can apply for NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships expecting to be awarded. Fairly considerate to international students in these fields, the award offers scholars $21,000 every year for the space of three years. The NSERC’s official website has all the necessary information required to check your eligibility status and relevant updates on the scholarship.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Yes, a graduate scholarship is available to international students in all disciplines studying in Canada. The provincial government funds this merit-based scholarship making it within the reach of all students taking their postgraduate programs. On this one, you stand a chance of getting the $10,000 grant for two study terms or qualify to bag the $15,000 scholarship offer for three consecutive terms.

To qualify for either of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship options you must;Currently be enrolled into any of the accepted institutions at the doctoral or master’s level

Currently run a full-time program for at least two semesters (21-52 weeks)

You must also be a postgraduate student at any `of the following participating Ontario schools:

  • Brock University
  • University of Guelph
  • Carleton University
  • Lakehead University
  • Laurentian University
  • Nipissing University
  • OCAD University
  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  • University of Ottawa
  • Queen’s University
  • Ryerson University
  • University of Toronto
  • Trent University
  • University of Waterloo
  • Western University
  • Wilfrid Laurier University
  • University of Windsor
  • York University

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