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The Government of Canada to halt the Entry of Foreign Students to Ontario Province

Currently, foreign students are exempted from the travel rules of COVID 19. Based on CTV news, all students are tender a genuine study permit or an introduction letter backs up their approval for the permit.

Canada is prepared to put a temporary stop to the entry of foreign students to Ontario province. This is because the province is battling with the third wave of COVID 19. Based on the information provided by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), the number of international students residing in Canada in 2020 is 530, 540. Students from India accounts for up to 34 percent of this number, while 22 percent of the students came from China.

Furthermore, Ontario has the highest number of foreign students, they account for about 46 percent of the students in Canada.

According to the reports made by globalnews.ca, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mentioned that the government is planning to put a stop to the arrival of foreign students in Ontario. This statement was made on Friday, during a press conference. It was in response to the province premier’s request to guide against the spread of COVID 19.

The prime minister said that Ontario was the only province that requested it, and they would contact their official to formalize the request. But, the exact time the change will take effect is not certain yet. Apart from that, the time the change will last is also unknown.

A report also said that Ford admonished the Federal Government to halt non-essential travels, following the discovery of more than 36 cases of the B. 1. 617 variants, which was first discovered in India.

Trudeau also reemphasized his desire to work hand in hand with the provinces to combat the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. He also advises against any form of non-essential travel. Canada has about 1.22 million cases of COVID 19 so far with up to 463, 000 cases reported in Ontario. The total number of deaths recorded is 24, 219, including 8, 050 fatalities from Ontario.