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Tips to Returning to Campus Life After Covid

Tips to Returning to Campus Life After Covid

The past year has been a roller coaster ride for students as Covid-19 came unprecedented. However, the challenge for the teachers to project themselves as technology-geeks was immense; it was the students who suffered the most amid the pandemic. From ensuring a high-speed Internet connection to catching up with studies wasn’t as easy as it might have sounded. Especially when international students are concerned.
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There has been a Mixed emotions about opening schools or carrying out the online mode of education worldwide. Although the online teaching method may seem a new normal to some, many wish to feel physical classrooms soon. Few things would help in returning to campus life after covid.

Start Early – Give up Mundane Lifestyle

One thing that covid-19 has given us wholeheartedly is a highly mundane lifestyle. It has restricted many of us, especially students, from stepping out of our comfort zones and starting our day early and have put a full stop to make the day energetic and full of zeal. So yea, this is one thing that students need to focus upon. Start your day early and prep- for the scheduled lectures and classes to give a positive head-start daily. • Look out for spaces other than home to break the monotony created over a period due to Covid-restrictions. Grab a mug of tea or coffee and look out for outdoor areas away from daily chores, but of course, all due social distancing rules would apply. • Always carry a snack with you while you’re off to study at a park or a library. Munching home-cooked snacks is not just healthy but keeps your energy levels high while you’re busy.

Make Friends on Campus

You must likely have lost touch with your friends amid covid, but that doesn’t mean you cannot meet them now. Your friend, too, might be facing similar concerns while returning to campus life after covid. Finding new companions on campus after covid times is of utmost importance to bring back life to normal. It is the best time to make them as comfortable as possible and start life afresh on the campus

Keep your Mental Health Sturdy

Covid-19 took a toll on everyone, especially our mental health. Most international students often feel homesick and fall prey at the hands of depression. Indulging in social groups that can ease out your stress levels built during a pandemic or consulting mental health doctors to cure you of depression is a must thing to do. Whether you’re a student living abroad or are making your move to international universities soon, getting your mental health check-up should be your priority to stay hale and hearty post covid times. Those who cannot visit doctors in person can always consult them to check their mental health quickly.

Happiness is the Key to Beat the Stress

Is your stress related to gaining excellent grades? Scoring good grades is something every student aims for. The pandemic has put every wish to a standstill as international students find it hard to cope with the syllabus amid all the covid-19 curbs resulting in stress building. There may be times when during the lectures, you felt lost or probably just putting way too much pressure on yourself. No matter how well you may balance things, stress is something you must never hold on to. Coming out of pandemic hale and hearty itself was a blessing, and hence loving every day as it comes by should be one’s focus. Thank god for gifting you each day like a ray of optimistic hope and manage things calmly to keep your focus and sanctity intact.

Minimize your Expenses

When it comes to international students, budget is something that needs to be planned efficiently. Learn to spend the minimalist amount whenever and wherever required. Doing so will help you survive on a foreign land with ease without worrying about money matters. Always note your expenses and prioritize your important ones to keep steady throughout your stay in the foreign land as a student. Another thing that students abroad for study purpose to keep emergency expenses in store. It will not just help them cover up for unforeseen costs but also save you sorted around the clock.

Communicate with your Peers

Communicating in your social groups and peers will enable you to know better how to accommodate in a foreign country. Connect with the counselors and guides who would educate you on dealing with post-pandemic anxiety and give solutions to overcome it fruitfully. Join webinars related to foreign travel post pandemic and clear your queries from the experts. It will immensely help you in your decision-making process.

Focus on your Job Portfolio

Those appearing for job interviews after final semesters at the universities may face challenges in securing employment. Having a solid portfolio will always be beneficial to grab a seat at the desirable companies for students coming from foreign lands. The economic crisis may have hit the world hard due to pandemics, but a well-created resume always speaks up before the employers.

What Future has in Store for International Students?

Amid all the curbs like travel bans, commencing online classes post covid, and the suspension of the SAT and TOFEL test can cause international students. Hence, there might be a considerable dropout rate for students post-pandemic. Finishing respective courses at the universities and securing jobs would remain the top priority despite all the challenges.
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The online mode of education would however, continue to proceed with more and more students opting for it in the long run.