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Choosing which university is the best match for your study abroad journey can take many hours of research. Luckily, Times Higher Education (THE) does the heavy lifting each year and publishes its World University Rankings to make this decision easier. Today, we’re exploring the top 10 universities in Canada. 

Universities are ranked in five categories by THE:

  • Teaching (overall learning environment)
  • Research (income, reputation, and volume)
  • Citations (level of influence the research has)
  • International Outlook (percentages of international students and staff)
  • Industry Income (knowledge transfer to industry)

Keep reading to find out what academic institution could be the perfect fit for you!

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10. University of Waterloo

Global Rank: 201–250

The University of Waterloo lands at #10 on 2022’s list of best universities in Canada. The main campus is located in Waterloo, Ontario, a Canadian hub for technology and innovation, and scores excellently in international outlook with 87.1 out of 100. The University of Waterloo’s student population diversity is impressive, with international students making up nearly one-fourth of the university’s 33,613 students.

9. Simon Fraser University

Global Rank: 201–250

Simon Fraser University is located in Burnaby, British Columbia and is one of Canada’s top research-intensive universities. It boasts a nearly perfect score of 92.1 for international outlook, and a solid score of 81.5 for citations. The university has a ratio of 55 to 45 female to male students, and 31% of its 27,105 student body is made up of international students.

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8. University of Calgary

Global Rank: 201–250

Founded in 1966, the University of Calgary is located in the Albertan city of Calgary. Around a fifth of its 33,099 students (21%) are international and come from over 125 countries. It scored well for international outlook at 80.4, and 65.6 for industry outcome, making it a great choice for international students. The University of Calgary also has a ratio of 18.2 students for every staff member.

 7. University of Ottawa

Global Rank: 162 (tie)

The University of Ottawa allows its students the flexibility to study in English, French, or both. The university’s focus on cultural equity, inclusion, and diversity is reflected in its strong score of 81.1 for international outlook. It also scored high for citations at 83.3, and has 35,791 full-time students. This means that international students who study here can expect average to larger-sized classes.

6. University of Alberta

Global Rank: 125

Located in Edmonton, the province’s capital city, the University of Alberta is a public research university. Its THE international outlook score is strong at 88.9, and the university also scored a respectable 71.9 under citations. The University of Alberta has one staff member for every 21.9 students, and a ratio of 55 to 45 female to male students.

5. University of Montreal

Global Rank: 88 (tie)

Located in the heart of vibrant Montreal, the University of Montreal is one of Canada’s three foremost university research hubs. It scores high for international outlook at 85.7 and citations at 81.7. 23% of the university’s student body is made up of international students, with a ratio of 59 to 41 female to male students.

4. McMaster University

Global Rank: 80 (tie)

McMaster University is one of four Canadian universities that consistently ranks in the world’s top 100. This can be attributed to its nearly perfect scores of 98.3 for industry income and 93.1 for citations. With 26,112 students attending McMaster full-time, international students who choose to study here benefit from smaller class sizes.

3. McGill University

Global Rank: 44

Carving out the number 3 spot on this year’s list is McGill University. The institution is the oldest university in Montreal and is one of three universities in Quebec with courses taught in English. McGill boasts an impressive ratio of 12.6 students for every one staff member. Nearly one-third of the university’s 31,581 students are international students. 

Courtesy: McGill University

2. University of British Columbia

Global Rank: 37

Located on Canada’s scenic West Coast between the mountains and the ocean, the University of British Columbia should be on the radar of any nature lover. Its THE international outlook score is strong at 94.9, and the university also scores 89.4 in citations. The University of British Columbia has one staff member for every 18.9 students, and a ratio of 55 to 45 female to male students.

1. University of Toronto

Global Rank: 18 (tie)

Number one in 2022 is the University of Toronto. The institution is located in Canada’s largest and most culturally diverse city. This makes it an excellent choice for international students seeking a study abroad experience in a big city. The University of Toronto was given nearly perfect scores for international outlook, citations, and research. Students can enjoy being part of a diverse campus, as 25% of its student body of almost 76,000 is international students. 

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