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Canada isn’t just among the world’s most popular countries because of its size and beauty, but it is one of the countries with the finest educational systems. This is why most international students don’t just study and leave but aspire to continue residing in the country. Research even shows from the Canadian Bureau of international education that the percentage of willing students ready to stay back is at a high rate of 60%.
For this unique reason, more international students come in large numbers yearly to taste the best education Canada has to offer. Though it might pose a challenge to stay in a new country, the right guide will help any student planning to graduate in Canada navigate properly.

Best Cities to Study in Canada



The most prominent city in Canada is Toronto because it is the capital state, Ontario. It is known for its finest ambience, food, arts and historical monuments. About 17% of students studying in Toronto universities are foreign, ranking as one of the top cities for international students. Among the many schools in Toronto, you will find some popular ones like York, Humber, Trent, Ryerson Universities that are ranking top.

Key factors that make Toronto a friendly city for students

  • Has a safety index percentage of 81%
  • Transportation is easy
  • Multicultural hub
  • Varieties of restaurants and entertainment hubs to visit.



Approximately 350,000 students are recorded to go to Montreal for studies every year. In fact, one of the most reputable universities in Montreal, McGill University, is ranking 35 worldwide. It gets more interesting to note that Montreal took the sixth position as one of the best student cities on the QS list. One thing you won’t miss is the multilingual community which consists of French, English and other popular languages. You will also enjoy the comedy shows, festivals and cultural displays.

Key Factors that make Montreal a Friendly City for all students

  • Awesome food, culture and entertainment
  • Educational facilities are top-notch
  • Among the top-ranked safest cities in the world
  • Diverse job opportunities in top industries like big data, aerospace, and many other health science firms.


If you are searching for a city with natural beauty with a bonus of a serene environment, Vancouver is the city for you. The city is located in British Columbia, which is famous for providing outstanding education for all. Plus, according to the economic intelligence unit, it has been ranked as one of the best cities for living. The two languages spoken in Vancouver are french and English, and you will enjoy lots of fun activities in the cities, including skydiving, hiking and many more. Among the many universities in Vancouver, the top universities ranking are the University of British Colombia, University Canada West, Simon Fraser University, and more!

Key factors that make Vancouver a perfect city for students

  • Ease of Transportation
  • Job opportunities are many
  • Safety is higher personally
  • Education is a world-class standard
  • City diversity


Clearly, you have seen that Canada has different cities that are all unique and differ from one another. The differences range from employment opportunities, affordability, culture, splendor and safety. This, therefore, means that if you are interested in studying in Canada, you ought to be quick to analyze your needs and pursue a city that can meet those needs without having to compromise.

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