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Transferring Your College as a Foreign Student in Canada

Transferring College as Foreign Student in Canada

Why and How to Transfer Your College for a Better One as an International Student In Canada

Ever wondered if changing your current college for a better one is worth the stress? Perhaps you’ve been interested in making the switch from your freshman days – but seem entirely clueless about the transfer procedure. Let’s share first-hand the interesting benefits of making a college transfer as an international student studying in Canada.

Why Transfer?

Better Academic & Extra-curricular Programs

Irrespective of how refined your college looks, there are better options with better exploratory learning opportunities. If you look in the right direction, you’d realize some colleges in Canada offer more academic and extra-curricular programs to international students than others. These colleges provide foreign students with better educational curriculum systems to prep them for internship opportunities in front-row organizations.
Why would anyone want to miss out on this?

Better Academic Programs
Global Standards Learning Facilities

Access to Global Standards Learning Facilities

Making a college transfer gives you access to world-class learning facilities as a foreign student. At least, your journey from your home country to Canada would be worth your while with access to high-quality education. Transferring to a better college means studying with improved learning facilities and extracurricular infrastructures. This is possible because these colleges have a lucrative budget margin for equipped libraries and scientific laboratories and workshops.

Easily-accessible Transit Options

Learning as an international college student in Canada mostly requires that you transport yourself to campus daily. Switching to a better college makes your post-secondary learning experience conducive with access to better public transport systems. These colleges provide a better transportation plan for international students in their tertiary institutions. You get a secure, reliable, comfortable, and swift ride to school every day.

accessible transit options
work while study benefits

Work-while-you-study Benefits

A transfer to a better college gets you flexible schooling hours that supports working while you learn. With a well-organized learning schedule that covers both academic and extracurricular activities, foreign students can work after school hours. There truly isn’t a better time to start saving money for your future or long-term projects than now. As a post-secondary student with extra hours to earn, you’d be financially dependent in Canada.

Close Proximity to Canada’s Larger Job Market

The best colleges in Canada are often located in provinces and locations where leading businesses thrive. Studying in such environments exposes international students to limitless and world-changing opportunities in today’s world. It becomes incredibly easy to relate theories, strategies, and problem-solving ideas learned in classrooms with proven solutions used by businesses and research institutions around them. Practical learning at its peak!

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Yes. Transferring from college to a university is possible between your current college and proposed university on your intended course.

The cost of transferring between colleges or universities varies across different private and public universities in Canada. Ideally, it should cost between +/- $2,000 and +/- $5,000.

Yes. You’d need to update your study permit if you have an expired one before making a college or university transfer.