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What Careers To Consider in Canada in 2022

What Careers To Consider in Canada in 2022

Are you planning to study in Canada and start a professional career there? Well, you fall in the right place as Canada attracts thousands of international students every year. Thanks to several English-taught degrees, its well-developed economy, high living standards, and numerous employment opportunities, to name a few. The year 2021-2022 sees bright prospects for international students to excel in whichever field they have the aptitude for.

Let us peep into what all courses are suited best for students coming from across the borders and which Universities to hit to achieve goals.

When we talk about careers in Canada, there are a couple of streams, which gain individuals experience and advance administrative and managerial positions for a stable and bright future. These are:

Dentistry/Medicine Degree

Enroll in a degree or a master’s dentistry program in Canada and pursue a new academic environment for better prospects. If you are an undergraduate, the University of Toronto is the answer to all your concerns as it offers dentistry and medicine programs for undergrads and mature students. Canada provides the best medical colleges to hone your potential as a healthcare worker, like nurses or doctors, for those who wish to pursue medicine. The University of British Columbia and the University of Ottawa offer great opportunities for international students in Canada.

Even if you are a BDS from Asian countries like India and need to enhance your profession by adding a capstone to your foundation, no country is more convenient to choose than Canada for providing opportunities and programs for those who completed BDS. Like any other profession, dentistry has its prominence in Canada with lucrative job options and high income.

Law Degree

Are you inclined towards studying Canadian law? You need not be worried as Canada has over 70 law colleges offering more than 240 programs, specializations in civil law, social & legal studies, justice & society, etc. Canada being a dual law country, trains students to practice at either of the levels. Also, being a lawyer always proves to be lucrative, for it offers innumerable job prospects. The average salary of pursuing a degree from a Canadian law college will gain you much money.

Engineering Degree

Get yourself enrolling in a four-year engineering program and open new settlement gateways on Canadian land. If you’re an undergrad and want to develop technologies while improving lives and spreading knowledge, becoming an engineer would indeed have you achieve all the goals. Canada has its doors opened for international students to help them outshine their peers and excel in careers. Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering are all-time pursued courses by students from worldwide.

Other Courses To look Out for Under Engineering Stream.

Cyber Security Course

with several organizations facing cyber threats every second of the hour, protecting organization’s critical data on cloud applications, infrastructure, and IT networks is mandatory. Hence, cyber security courses at Canadian Universities will give you immense opportunities to work in this domain and have a secured life.

Digital Marketing Course

With the marketing profession experiencing significant growth in Canada, you have several job prospects to start a bright career in the field. The Internet penetration is about 90% in Canada, which is considered very high. As per recent surveys, Canada has grown its internet infrastructure to about 33 Million Internet users in the past few years. So, pursuing a career in the digital marketing platform as an immigrant is not just lucrative but helps you attain great heights.

Digital marketing covers social media management, pre-sales, content management, search engine optimization, PPC, and studying analytics to improve businesses’ brand image. Mississauga offers international students a course in digital marketing to hone their potential in the field.

Why Should you Consider Canada for Seeking Careers?

Canada being the second largest country on the globe, welcomes immigrants in mass numbers every year. Its overall sustainability, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, economic influence, and the quality of life that it offers make it the best place to work and live. The immigration eased out rules and better prospects for the international students to become Canadian citizens and add to the country’s infrastructural and economic growth. It has attracted many to choose Canadian lands as their home country. So, get your hands on any one of the courses mentioned above and build your future.